Shipping your Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy

   We do allow people pick their Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies up from our home in Shongaloo, Louisiana but sometimes a puppy may have to travel a long distance, and shipping arrangements must be made. We will make those shipping arrangements for you.

   We charge $400 to fly a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy 8 weeks old to any major city. For puppies over 8 weeks the price could be more. If a puppy must be kenneled over night(this is usually required for International shipping) there could be an additional $100 charge. We do not make money off of the shipping charges. They will cover the airline fee, the shipping container/crate, attachable food/water dishes, absorbent bedding, air-travel veterinary health certificate (a special health certificate required for flights), some of our travel costs. With the way fuel prices are rising we will most likely spend more than the $400 by the time your pup is shipped.

Your Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy will be flown to the nearest major airport to you, or to the airport you specify that accepts puppies via United Airlines. Not all airports with United service can receive puppies. Only those that receive the big planes can transport puppies. You can call United at 800-575-3335 to determine what airport is the closest to you that can handle puppies, or we can call and inquire.We will make the reservations, but we can only reserve for the airports that accept the planes with climate-controlled holds. Temperature extremes can limit this (heat and cold) during some times of year with other airlines. United can ship despite temp extremes, as they have temperature controlled transport to and from the plane. But,United doesn’t fly into some airports, so we have to find that out for your location. We will not ship a puppy under 8 weeks of age.

Flight times will be determined by the airlines, though we reserve the right to refuse to ship puppies if their travel day is too long. 

Reservations will be made upon receiving payment for the shipping and associated costs, and full payment for the puppy. 

If paying with a money order or personal check, we will make arrangements two weeks after depositing the check to allow it to clear. We prefer PayPal for expediency.

If you know you want to ship your puppy…Please send an e-mail to us with the following information (or call us at 318-294-9923). E-mail is best, as then we have your information already written down and transferable to our record keeping program.

Make the subject line indicate that the e-mail contains your address for shipping.

Include full name of person that will need clearance at the airport to pick the puppy up

Your address

Your phone number (and an alternate if possible)

The location and name of the airport you hope to use, and an alternate airport if that one is not available

Known days that will NOT work for you during the week following the 8-week old minimum age.

Please be sure to email or call me 2 days before the flight day to confirm that you are still planning to pick the puppy up according to schedule.

You will need a photo ID for the person listed to receive the puppy (which is the buyer, unless you told me otherwise).



What should I take to the airport with me when I pick the puppy up?

Water to offer the puppy at the airport or at your vehicle. There will be a food and water dish attached to the inside of the carrier, so you don’t need a bowl.

A collar and leash to allow the puppy to exercise a little before the drive home, and for potty stops.

Baby wipes or wet wash cloths to wipe off the puppy’s feet, as they might be soiled from the trip. Ridgebacks don’t normally potty in their “homes,” but generally, the travel time is longer than they can hold it.

A plastic garbage bag or grocery bag to dump the soiled bedding from the travel carrier into for disposal.

A clean towel or something soft and cuddly to put into the carrier for your drive home from the airport.

The phone number for United Airlines pet reservations line: 1.800.575.3335. Also, it is helpful to have your confirmation number from my e-mail that included the flight itinerary.

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